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 We earn commissions from the platform where this products are listed. (from amazon)

We, Sander Tess (19) & Daan van der berg (20), are the owners and creators of this platform. Our goal is to help all kinds of people find their dreamwatch. On our site we give the top 10 in all different price categories, so everyone can find their dream watch. The reviews / top 10s are based on our opinion and the rating on several platforms. We don’t affiliate or promote any of the promoted products we only promote for amazon. So these are basicly our top 10’s pro price category, on the platform : amazon. We hope you find this website helpful, we are always open for ideas or opinions about our top 10’s, so we can keep them accurate and up to date. 


 Also there is an option to rate each watch yourselves, by clicking on the arrow up or downwards. This is useful for us, but also for you cause then you can see what other people think of the watch.

We are located in the Netherlands, but we promote internationally. Our price categories are in dollars not euros, so 150 - 300 means $150-$300.  Also be careful if you live somewhere else then in the USA for extra costs, such as shipping or import costs. We don’t sell any of the mentioned products ourselves, we just review them and give our opinions.



Our Team

Our team is 24/7 available for questions, tips and opinions on our site. Also we'd like to hear your top 10's, or experiences with any watches mentioned, so we can keep our data correct and up to date.  If you'd like to do any of these feel free to fill in the contact form below. 


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