Top 10 Interesting Unknown
Facts About Daisy Ridley


What do you say about a woman who is breath-takingly gorgeous & outstandingly talented? Well you just say we’re talking the undisputedly charming British Actor Daisy Ridley or Rey from Star Wars.
Welcome to, today’s video is all about the super famous star wars actor & we are here to tell you 10 things you did not know about Daisy Ridley.

Watch this video till end because the last point is going to be a major surprise for you.
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Number 10- The London Girl was born in a fancy neighbourhood in West London as the youngest of five gorgeous sisters.
Daisy Ridley grew up in Maida Vale, London, although she totally brushes off the notion of being a little rich girl which she was while growing up. She said in one of her interviews: “We’re described as living on one of the most exclusive roads in London,” “Everyone else is very fancy around us, but our house was the rickety one on the street. Whenever I get picked up for a job, everyone goes, ‘Oh, this used to be dump.’ Sorry girl but we are not convinced you weren’t born rich.

Number 9- + & she’s not cool with it. In the past, Ridley would describe herself as a tomboy but No longer: She very clearly said in an interview “I now have an issue with the word ‘tomboy’. Why has there got to be a ‘boy’ in it? I was like, ‘hold on: you’re saying a little girl is actually like a boy because she likes to be active?’ In terms of energy, I would say I do have a strong masculine energy as well as a feminine. But I was a girl. I am one.”
Since we’re talking about her childhood I must tell you that she was seriously mischievous and in an effort to keep Ridley busy, her mother to put her in a boarding school. She said in one of her interviews that “I was naughty at primary school but if I was occupied, I was fine.” At Tring Park School for the Performing Arts in Hertfordshire she enjoyed the structured 12-hour a day.  

Number 8- She is an anti-elitist & really not a huge fan of the royal family
Fans out there need to know that this girl talks practical and while she may have a point, I am afraid there’s not much anyone can do about the high end extravagant culture.
She wasn’t shy to say in one of her interviews that:
“Here’s the thing. I’m going to tell you something so shocking for Americans but not for Brits: I don’t massively care about the Royal family. I am not a royalist. “Buckingham Palace is great, but it’s an unused building, isn’t it? The other day there was a story that the Queen uses six rooms in the palace. Six. How is that a good thing? It’s prime real estate.”
But you know what after saying those kind of things publically you actually can bump in to the royal family and it can be super awkward. That’s exactly what happened with Daisy Ridley. Prince William & Prince Harry decided to visit the sets of Star Wars where Daisy was the one assigned to give the Royals a tour of the whole set. It was interesting but definitely awkward after saying those kind of things publically.

Number 7- Daisy Ridley’s Last Job before Star Wars Was a Bartender
The 27-year-old actress said that she worked behind the bar at London pubs in her early 20s, only stopping around the time when she landed her breakout role ahead of 2015′s “Star War. When Ridley was announced as the star of that film, in April 2014, she had previously only landed small roles in short films and U.K. television shows like “Casualty” and “Mr. Selfridge.” Aside from landing the occasional small acting role, at the time Ridley was earning “minimum wage”. The minimum wage in the U.K. for workers over the age of 21 was £6.50 per hour back then. Which isn’t much. We’re proud of her, for now having net worth of over $6 Million. You are goals girl.

Number 6– Daisy Ridley suffers from Endometriosis & she isn’t holding back while talking about it.

Ridley is one of the many women out there who suffer from endometriosis. In short, it is when the tissue that is supposed to line the uterus starts growing in other places. This is a serious problem because the endometrium will still thicken, break down, and then start bleeding even when it isn’t in the uterus, meaning that it will cause further complications because it will have nowhere to go. The medical condition can make for very painful periods, which are in addition to other potential problems.

Brave Daisy also suffered from Low Self-Confidence Because of the Diagnosis

This was following the time of the diagnosis when she was still at the age of In part, this was because it was followed by acne. She’s a brave woman who stepped up and spoke about it at large, convincing women to embrace their insecurities & rising above them with conviction and faith.

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Number 5: Her accident on the sets of Star Wars was a close call.
Sparks flew when she was filming – literally.
While filming for Star Wars “There was one day on set when some sparks went off around her, and one went down her back and burned her a little,” It was scarier than it was physically painful, but she took a minute, shook it off, and they were back up and running in 15 minutes.
That’s the kind of attitude you’d find amongst people who are there to work as opposed to super stars who have their diva fits at the tiniest sight of a fly.

Number 4- In 2017 Ridley, her mother and sister were followed in their car by a fan in New York & it was creepy and a half.

Ridley had to get her family members out of the car, but the stalking did not stop there. She was then followed into her hotel lobby by the same stalker. Oh god that already sounds horrific.

She said in an interview: “He was a really big guy, so physically he’s scary, and I was alone and it was the middle of the night, so I started shouting at him because I was scared.”

Poor Ridley had to get therapy after that happened so I am assuming it was pretty intense on her.

Other than that as well, she’s had to deal with more unpleasant experiences that came with the fame. She said in another interview: We went to a wedding recently, and it was uncomfortable for me because people were really rude. They don’t act like normal human beings. We actually feel awful about that Daisy and we hope you’re soon able to find peace with your recently acquired fame.

Number 3- Ridley has a deaf and blind dog named Muffin, who was spotted a few times on Instagram while Ridley still used the app. Fans now have to search harder for any info or pics on the elusive rescue dog. What you do need to know about this stunning British actor is that she is a one hundred percent dedicated mommy. She even asked her fans to pray for a speedy recovery of her Labrador retriever after his risky surgery. They say people who are into pets are generally more kind hearted, so you get a point on this one too Daisy Ridley.

Number 2- Daisy Ridley is going to be a Psychologist really soon. She has even signed up for a social sciences degree program for next year. The primary reason why she wants to go ahead with this is that she feels, people go through awful points in their life and they can really benefit by talking about it. However she does worry about getting too involved considering she very emotional and this is a line of profession that must be completely detached from feelings.
But that doesn’t mean she won’t be seen in Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway. Which is expected to be released in March 2020. 

Number 1- Daisy Ridley’s spiritual tattoo on her right thigh.
There is a triangular tattoo, located on her upper right thigh, which featured a line running through the centre represents the symbol alchemy. The upward facing triangle with a line through it symbolizes in alchemy the element of air, and for believers in the archaic pseudoscience it can indicate a spiritual awakening.
Wait there are tattoos in 3 more places and each one of them have a meaning.
The tattoo right above her torso is a symbol of a star in a cyclone and this one is in solidarity for her family. She took help of the most famed tattoo artist in the United States Dr. Woo for this one.
There is one on the back of her ear and that’s a peace sign. Last but not the least on her left foot she got three outlined stars done when she is 15, it didn’t really mean anything as it was just teenage rebellion & her family was not ok with it but they couldn’t do much about it either.
Well we can’t resist saying that Daisy Ridley is one of her kind. And she is what good luck & hard work teamed up looks like.  

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