Watch closures

No matter what type of watch you wear, there is no doubt, you want it to stay securely and comfortably on your wrist. To ensure this, watch closures are an essential element to consider when making your purchase. 

The two most common closure types utilized in watch making are buckle and deployment. The buckle, also known as the conventional band clasp, is the most common yet versatile form of closure. It consists of two sides (pin and buckle) on the outside of the watch band fastened together by inserting the pin into the buckle. This ensures comfort and security when wearing your watch.

buckle *buckle

The second type of closure is the deployment clasp. This closure is more popularly used in higher quality timepieces. It is often recognized as a three-piece buckle and is composed of a metal frame and two endpieces. When the buckle is opened, the metal frame automatically expands, making it easier to slide the watch band onto the wrist. Plus, the closure is reinforced with pin-and-tang type closure or a double fold-lock system to further secure the watch on the wearer's wrist.

*deployment clasp

While both the buckle and deployment clasps provide excellent securement for watches, the deployment option is the best choice if you are looking for added comfort and security. This type of closure also offers a more refined and luxurious look than the buckle clasp, making it ideal for more high-end watch styles.

For those of you who may want to look a little more outside of the box, there are some other types of watch closures available. These include the folding clasp, the camouflaged clasp, the snap buckle, and the expansion clasp. Each type of closure offers its own unique look that is sure to make whatever watch you choose stand out.

                                                                                               *folding clasp

Whichever type of closure you decide to go with for your watch, there is no doubt it must effectively secure the timepiece and be comfortable to wear. The next time you look to purchase a watch, make sure to consider the various types of watch closures in order to find one that fits your styling needs.