10 Fan Calculations That Change the Way Of Seeing TV Shows and Movies



Most movies and TV reveals happen inside the confines of their very own fictional universe, which differs from our personal in various methods. Even reveals that do seemingly happen in our world, like Pals or The Workplace, are dramatically totally different to the actuality everyone knows if you take the time to do the math. Unsure what we imply? Effectively, why not take into consideration the fan calculations that present that…

10. Rocky is Crammed with Marathon-Working Superhumans

Inside the Rocky cinematic universe, Rocky Balboa is taken into account by many to be the biggest boxer of all-time. The movies inform us Rocky is held in such excessive regard not for his finesse or talent (actually that explicitly exit of their method every movie to indicate that Rocky blocks haymakers along with his chin), however as a result of he’s manufactured from granite and inconceivable to knock out.

In the movie Rocky Balboa, by which Rocky makes a comeback at about 60 years previous, the movie makes it clear that his solely benefit is his energy and potential to take a success over a a lot youthful boxer. Which doesn’t make sense if you notice a fan labored out that for the now iconic montage sequence in Rocky II, the place Rocky runs by Philadelphia, the supposedly made-of-cast-iron boxer sprints for over 30 miles. By analyzing the landmarks shown during the montage a fan labored out that Rocky punch-sprints his method by a marathon and a half, throughout uneven floor, and nonetheless possesses sufficient power at the finish to dash up an enormous flight of stairs.

This isn’t simply unbelievable, it additionally signifies that not solely is Rocky a world-class boxer with close to unmatched stamina and potential to take a blow, however certainly one of the most interesting lengthy distance runners to have ever lived… and it’s by no means talked about in the film. That means both Rocky had no thought having the ability to dash 30 miles and then win a heavy-weight boxing match was an enormous deal, or extra amusingly, that no person in his universe assume it’s spectacular. The latter of which is extra probably, as a result of for the complete montage Rocky is adopted practically the complete method by a big crowd who run the very same distance, which means Rocky’s fictional Philadelphia is full of random individuals who can dash 30 miles prefer it’s no massive deal.

9. The Strolling Useless – 99.9998% of the World is Useless



In response to the creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, the universe the characters inhabit, previous to being overrun with shambolic reanimated corpses, was an identical to our personal save for the truth it didn’t include any zombie related media. That is why no character on the present ever makes use of the time period “zombie” in any comedian or episode.

That is necessary, as a result of it’s certainly one of the solely actual clues Kirkman has ever given about the world of TWD, leaving most every part else about it (together with the supply of the outbreak and even the date it occured) a thriller. This irked some followers, who determined to make use of what little data the comics and present disclose to work out precisely how many individuals the present’s zombie apocalypse killed.

One fan specifically, Matt Lieberman, scoured TWD media. By looking the background of pictures with calendars, and noting clothes kinds and expertise utilized by the characters, he found that the zombie outbreak probably occurred someday in January 2012. By taking the international inhabitants from this time, and a quote from Kirkman saying zombies outnumbers people “5000 to 1” when the outbreak went international, he was in a position to discern that just one.4 million folks survived the preliminary outbreak globally. If you bear in mind the truth 70% of the characters in TWD die throughout the sequence in a rustic crammed with weapons, Lieberman moreover calculated that if you happen to extrapolate these figures globally, by the begin of seventh season, solely about 400,000 persons are nonetheless alive. That’s roughly zero.0002% of the world’s inhabitants.

8. Chandler Bing is Obscenely Rich


There’s a working joke in Pals the place no person is sort of certain what the character Chandler Bing does for a residing. He clearly works an workplace job of some sort, and it clearly makes him fairly a bit of cash, seeing as how he lives in a big-ass New York house, pays for his extravagant wedding ceremony along with his financial savings, and loans his good friend Joey $120,000. Wait, what?

All through the sequence, Chandler lends his roommate Joey some huge cash in addition to paying his share of the hire on their house for 3 years. That is clearly established and commented upon in a number of episodes. In a single episode, Joey insists on paying this a refund. Chandler works out the tough quantity, writes it on a chunk of paper and palms it Joey, who sees the determine and instantly backs down.

A Reddit user, interested in what this determine was, calculated the sq. footage on Chandler’s house for the common hire, together with the minimal price of the different issues he buys for Joey like skilled headshots and elocution classes. The minimal determine they provide you with for that is $120,760. Bear in mind, that is cash Chandler principally provides away to a down-on-his-luck good friend who by no means pays it again in simply over three years. That’s roughly $40,000 per year the Chan Man provides away prefer it’s nothing, which means he’s presumably incomes not less than 5 occasions that. Then once more, it’s no surprise he doesn’t appear to thoughts, contemplating that one other fan labored out that…

7. Each Character in Pals has a Ton of Intercourse


The common variety of sexual companions an individual may have of their lifetime is a determine that’s difficult to pin down, with varied sources claiming that the quantity could be anyplace between 4 and 8 for ladies and 7 and 11 for males. This mentioned, most sources agree that round 10 is a protected estimate for many of the inhabitants over their lifetime. Each character in Pals blows this determine of the water.

Between the group of six, a Reddit consumer (it’s at all times a Reddit consumer who calculates these things) figured that they’ve approximately 138 mixed, totally different sexual companions. That’s greater than 20 every, doubling the top finish of the nationwide common. Whereas Joey and Phoebe make up the bulk of this information, accounting for 51 and 32 events of being joined at the hip, respectively, even Chandler – a personality who’s married for 5 seasons – nonetheless manages to have intercourse with 11 companions.

Ross, on the different hand, a total jerk who treats women like crap, manages to persuade 14 girls to do the horizontal hug with him. Simply take into consideration that for a second. In the Pals universe, Ross has satisfied extra folks to have intercourse with him in 4 years than 90% of individuals studying this may of their complete life.

6. Harry Potter Couldn’t Afford a London Flat along with his Vault Stuffed with Gold


All through the Harry Potter sequence, a not often talked about plot level is that the eponymous Harry has an enormous vault crammed to the brim with massive gold cash. Regardless of having sufficient cheddar to fund countless magical cocaine and hooker events, Potter by no means as soon as decides to make use of the cash to splurge and purchase magical provides that might assist defeat wizard Hitler. This may occasionally have one thing to do with the proven fact that in actuality, Harry barely has sufficient cash to afford a crappy 1-bedroom flat.

You see, though the Galleons in Harry Potter are described as being manufactured from gold, in response to JK Rowling they’re solely value about $7 every. A fan took this information, in addition to a screenshot from the first movie displaying the vault (the movies had been all overseen by Rowling herself), to work out roughly how a lot cash the boy wizard really inherited from his mother and father. The reply? A couple of quarter of million kilos.

This seems like rather a lot till you notice that in the UK, this amount of cash would barely be sufficient for Harry to purchase himself a half first rate London flat. Should you’re considering “possibly the cash is value extra in the wizarding world so he’s in all probability nonetheless thought-about pretty wealthy,” keep in mind that in the books Harry notes that even when he emptied his complete vault, it still wouldn’t be enough to buy a Firebolt, which may very well be likened to the wizarding world equal of a elaborate sports activities automobile.

So in different phrases, Harry, the savior of the wizard race, barely had sufficient cash to purchase himself a second hand Ferrari after killing wizard Hitler and watching the solely residing relative he appreciated die.

And hey, talking of fictional internet value…

5. The Simpsons Stay Higher Than You


For many of the present’s run, the Simpson family has been portrayed as a mean lower-middle class American household. Quite a few jokes are made in varied episodes that the household is, if not poor, at the very least struggling financially most of the time, with Marge as soon as claiming to feed the complete Simpson household on 12 dollars a week. Which is uncommon, seeing as Homer earns a reasonably first rate wage and the home they dwell in is large.

The common wage of a nuclear security technician (Homer’s job for many episodes) is about $82,000, or about $30,000 greater than the common American household earns. Which, amongst different issues, explains how the household has principally trekked the entire globe during the series. Nonetheless, the most ridiculous factor the Simpsons personal is their home.

Once more, the Simpson dwelling is usually proven as being in a state of poor restore, besides, it’s nearly sufficiently big to be thought-about a mini-mansion. The home comprises not less than 4 bedrooms, a number of bogs, a kitchen, a eating room, a front room, a rumpus room, a sitting room, a sauna, and sufficient garden house to construct an Olympic sized tennis court docket.

The home has variously estimated to be worth, $300,000, double that of the common American dwelling with at least 3 times as much space.

4. Jim from The Workplace Wastes Most Individuals’s Financial savings Being an Terrible Colleague

Whereas the American model of The Workplace has been praised by critics and followers for a lot of causes over the years, arguably certainly one of the present’s hottest parts is the relationship between the characters Jim Halpert (performed by John Krasinski) and Dwight Schrute (performed by Rainn Wilson).

Most of the character’s interactions revolve round the varied pranks performed by Jim, which differ in the scope and complexity from easy pranks involving placing his stapler in some Jello, to studying morse code.

A Reddit user (we instructed you) determined to calculate simply how a lot cash Jim wasted principally being an ass to his co-worker and discovered that, at minimal, he invested $5,000 of his hard-earned cash taking part in pranks on a man he claims to not like. This is 5 times more than most People have of their financial savings account, and Jim pissed it away on making certainly one of his co-worker’s lives just a bit bit tougher for his personal amusement. Which, when put that method, makes Jim appear to be a little bit of a device.

3. Movies have Spent Billions Rescuing Matt Damon

This entry’s a bit totally different from the different in that it takes into consideration data from totally different motion pictures, all of which contain Matt Damon. Particularly, motion pictures involving Matt Damon being rescued from some form of hazard or peril, comparable to Saving Personal Ryan and The Martian.

According to a Quora user with both an excessive amount of time on their palms or an enormous Matt Damon man-crush, inside the confines of the fictional universes of Damon’s motion pictures, an estimated $900 billion has been spent rescuing his dumb ass. In our world, this equates to $729 million value of film budgets on the varied movies he’s appeared in which were spent completely on rescuing him from some form of hazard.

2. Walter White Makes $5 Per Second

Precisely how a lot cash Walter White makes whereas he’s breaking all that bad is rarely really absolutely established in the present. Even the character admits that after a sure level, he merely stopped counting. Followers, nevertheless, have labored out from that episode with the large cash pile, and Walt’s personal feedback to different characters, that he earned about $80 million in two years.

An enterprising Reddit user (we actually weren’t kidding) went proper forward and used that spectacular determine to calculate how a lot Heisenberg earned per hour. The ultimate determine they got here up with was about $5,000 an hour, each hour, for 2 years straight. Or $5 per second.

However right here’s the factor: seeing as for many of the present, White was principally doing common shifts making his meth, it’s potential to work out how rather more he earned than a mean particular person. Assuming Walt was working the common quantity for an American man, which is apparently 34 hours per week, Walt was incomes about $23,000 an hour. Considering the common American wage ($24 per hour in response to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), Walter White earned 95,000% greater than the common American per hour. Not a foul paycheck, all issues thought-about.

1. Somebody Figured Out the Most important Character of Recreation of Thrones with Math

What units Game of Thrones aside from different reveals is that it doesn’t actually have a major character, as a substitute following the tales of a number of characters of seemingly equal significance who could be killed off at any level.

This didn’t sit effectively with a math nerd named Andrew J. Beveridge, who used a mathematical components normally reserved for finding out terrorist cells to map out every relationship in the complete sequence to find out who the most mathematically necessary character was. By fastidiously analyzing each interplay between characters in the books, Beveridge was in a position to precisely pin down which one was the most necessary to the general progress of the plot by their connections to different characters, the end result? It’s Tyrion, the wine-drinking (P)imp with a silver tongue.

That means sure, it has been proved with math that Peter Dinklage is superior.