Top 10 analog 0-75 dollars

By Sander Tess

10. Invicta (20360) speedway Japanese  




In tenth place, is this nifty invicta watch. The watch has many nice features. Firstly, there are 3 subdials that can function as timers and stopwatches. Even if you look closely, you can see a dial ring that is very precise. The dots at each hour of time, are just like the hands, glow in the dark. This ensures that you can also see what time it is in the dark. 

You may also notice that the numbers are not numbered from 1-12, but from 5 to 60. The watch numbered the minutes instead of  the hours. This watch is all about measuring time precisely. We think the $70 price is very reasonable for such a useful watch. It gets a 4.7 from nearly 700 reviews, so most people are very happy with it. In addition to the aforementioned specifications of this watch, you can find even more info on this watch on amazon. 

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9. Benyar analog watch (5194GM)



In ninth place is this benyar watch. As is obvious, this watch can be used well as a stopwatch or timer. This is due to its 3 subdials, its dial ring and the numbers on the bezel. What is also useful and in our opinion also makes the watch more beautiful is the red dot of the second hand. This red dot makes it easier to read the seconds, which is of course very nice. Because of all these nifty things, I think the watch almost looks a bit too busy.

We think $40 is more than a reasonable price for such a watch, which is probably why it is sold so often. The watch gets 4.5 stars from the buyers, from more than 7000 reviews. As you can see, the watch is from Benyar, Benyar is an American affordable yet exclusive watch brand. 

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8.  Crjju chronograph watch (CJ2214BK-G)


Another beautiful and popular watch. This watch is from the brand Crjju and it comes in many different colors. So if you don't like this color there are plenty of others to check out. A characteristic of this watch is the font used for all numbers and letters. To be honest, we don't think this is the prettiest typeface. It's not ugly but also not fantastic in our opinion. If you're really bothered by the font, we recommend viewing the all-black version, because it's much less obvious there. In addition to the fact that we think this watch looks very good overall, it is also easy to match with  your outfit. The price and features of this product are also quite impressive. The price is only $ 44 and as you can see there are three subdials and it has a dial ring that shows the time in seconds.
As we said, it is a popular watch because there are no less than 7000 reviews about it. These reviews give it an average of 4.3. This is of course not bad, but most other watches from our top 10 score higher on this point.
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7. Bobo personalized engraved wooden watch (KZP09-1-dd)


In seventh place is the bobo bird's wooden customizable watch. The cool thing about this watch is that you are able to put your own text or image on the back of the case. The wood-colored element that appears on this watch also makes it special. We do think the wood makes it look a bit old-fashioned, which some people might like, but we prefer a modern look. 
We think this watch is a fantastic gift to give to someone you love, for example your parents or your partner.
The watch is of very high quality for this low price. The reviews are therefore very good, it gets a 4.8 out of five. And this is from almost 4000 reviews. The watch is water resistant to a depth of about 30 meters. 
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6. Casio black dive watch (MDV106B-2AV)

In sixth place is this Casio watch which we believe has a chic look. One thing that I really like about this watch is the coin edge, also the hands, which you often see in Invicta watches, I really like. To be fair we usually like metal bands more, but in this case we think the matt black strap, which is made of resin, suits it better. To be honest this watch reminds me a lot of invicta watches, when we saw it for the first time we also thought it was from invicta but it turned out to be from casio.

While we are mainly used to digital watches from Casio, they also make very nice and good analog watches, of which this is a good example. As you can see, this watch also has a date window which, in addition to being useful, also has a decorative function. At a price of just $60, we'd call this a so-called “steal”. The reviews are also very good, namely a 4.8. If you want to know more, please click below.

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5.  Cheetah golden hour watch (CH-1604M-B-BE)

The first Cheetah watch in our top 10. The first thing you might notice are the blue hands that stand out clearly. We think these hands go well with this completely matte black watch. The matte black gives it a cool look and you can wear it for any occasion and with any outfit. We are big fans of the watch strap. This is because the middle row of watch links has a different gloss than the left and right rows. This is a very popular / frequently bought watch that comes in many different colors. Personally this is our favorite color but that's our opinion. The watch has almost 9500 reviews on amazon and its average rating is a 4.5. It costs around 45 dollars.

 Besides that the watch looks cool and beautiful, it is also very handy. Firstly, it is water resistant to 30 meters and has two subdials. It also has a dial ring as you can see in the picture above. 

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4. Carrie Hughes vintage autimatic watch (CH19A)


In 4th place is Carrie Hughes automatic Watch. This special looking watch has its charms. The first thing you notice is of course the dial, which consists of gears. I think this gives it a very futuristic and cool look. This is also a watch with which you distinguish yourself from others, and that is exactly the reason that it is in our top 6. 
As we've said before, we usually like metal bans better, but we think that in this case the leather strap suits this watch better. If you look closely, you can see that this watch also has a subdial that functions as a timer. For more info check out the table below.
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3. Invicta pro driver (30021)

In third place is this beautiful Invicta watchIt's from their pro driver series which I'm a huge fan of. You can often see the hands used for this watch at various watch brands, including Rolex. Personally, I don't mind, because I think they're just perfect. Partly due to the color combination, this watch has a very exclusive look, when you see this watch you probably think at first glance that it is very expensive, but as we are used to from Invicta, that is fortunately not the case. The watch costs $ 53 and it even has nice extras. For example, the subdial and the date window. The watch is also water resistant to 100 meters. The watch scores a 4.7 out of 5 (almost 3000 reviews).
In short, I think the $53, the watch costs, would be a fantastic expense.

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2. Invicta speedway s series (9224)

And yet another Invicta watch in the top 10, but this one looks a bit different. This one is better at measuring time precisely than the other Invicta watches. This is due to the three subdials it has, the dial ring and the numbers that are on the bezel. This watch is also even more resistant to water than the pro driver series. We do think the pro driver series have a more chic look. Even though this one looks gorgeous too.
What we personally like about this watch is the black gold color combination in the case. We also think the hands of this watch are very beautiful, but we think the date window does not fit this watch that well. The reviews for this watch are also formidable, namely a 4.7 and all this for a price of only $ 65.

 We've been doubting for a long time how we should organize the top 3, but in the end we decided to put this watch in front of one pro driver series watch and behind the other.


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In first place


Invicta pro driver (30018) 

1. In first place is another pro driver series Invicta watch, because they are just so fantastic. 
Besides just looking really great in our opinion, this watch is also of fine quality and it has several special functions.
Like several Invicta watches, it has a coin edge and the typical, beautiful, hands (which are almost identical to Rolex hands). Another nice detail is the date window and it has a picture of a shark on the bezel and dial.
As we have said before, in addition to being a beautiful watch, this one is also very handy. As with several other Invicta, the hands and hour points glow in the dark. You can also see that it has a dial ring.
Besides all that, the reviews are also very good. Namely a 4.7 out of five. And the fact that there are almost 5000 reviews about this watch shows that it is very popular. 
In short, in our opinion this is the best watch in the price category from 0-75 dollars (it costs 72 dollars). The only thing that I don't like about the whole Invicta pro diver series is that it’s not very easy to adjust their watches to your own wrist size.

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